• We are proposing a four-story flatted building with 13 new homes including two studio flats, three 1-bed flats, four 2-bedroom flats and four 3-bedroom flats. 

  • The affordable housing contribution will be negotiated with Brent Council.

  • There are 7 car parking spaces which is a policy compliant level of parking required by the Council.

  • The council’s planning team will analyse all the application documents and plans that will be submitted as part of the application. All these will be available to view on the council’s website once the application has been submitted.  

    The summary of their analysis will be presented to a group of elected councillors – the Planning Committee. At a meeting open to the public, they will hear a summary of the application from the planning officers and will also hear from supporters and objectors. They will then decide whether the application should be approved.  

  • We expect to submit the application in the winter the council are expected to take around13 weeks to decide on the application.